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The Best Vegan Kit Kat Candy bar recipe

A Vegan kit Kat candy bar recipe cut in half
A delicious copycat vegan Kit Kat candy bar recipe. This recipe was made with the intention that you, yes you will enjoy it, who says being vegan limits you… how can it when there are tons of vegan options out…

Homemade Tomato and Basil Soup

a white bowl with tomato soup with a basil leaf on top
This homemade tomato and basil soup are great for those cold days and you in need of a “warm-me-up” with a great taste. A soup that is delicious, hearty, and healthy. Packed full of nutritious ingredients such as plant-based protein,…

Spicy Chicken Wings Recipe

Spicy Chicken wings in a baking paper lined bowl
If you looking for something spicy and flavourful and you love chicken. then spicy chicken wings recipe is for you, Its quick, simple and easy so try it now!  

Brussels Sprouts Grilled

in a pan with grilled brussels sprouts with a wooden spoon inside
This brussels sprout grill recipe is very easy to make and not to mention tasty. It’s something different that can either be lunch or dinner! it can be made as a side as well or an appetizer and everyone will…

10 Min White Bean Salad Recipe (Vegan)

Wouldn’t you like to enjoy an amazingly tasty salad recipe tonight? well if your answer is yes then why not try our white bean salad recipe that’s nutritious and delicious! white beans are also known to be legumes and are…

Recipe for Cajun Chicken Wings

Cajun chicken drumsticks on a white plate with garnish of coriander
A delicious recipe for Cajun chicken you may be looking for and even though this recipe is for wings it can be a recipe for Cajun chicken thighs, drumsticks, any part of the chicken you’d like to have! We hope…

The Recipe for Cherry Cheesecake You Want To Try Today!

recipe for cherry cheesecake, using a spoon to eat a cherry cheesecake with cherries on top
A deliciously decadent creamy recipe for cherry cheesecake that incorporates cream cheese with the best cherry flavor based on a bed of homemade Graham cracker dust put together with love and care. You’ll want to make this cherry cheesecake recipe…