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Easy and Moist Apple Muffins

8 apple muffins stacked with apples on the right hand side of the picture
There’s nothing more I hate than dry muffins, but these apple muffins are not. It’s moist, has a great taste, and is healthy. It’s fresh and quick and easy to create.

A Refreshing Blueberry smoothie

blueberry smoothie with blueberries on top.
A cold refreshing blueberry smoothie that doesn’t only taste amazing but is delicious. Then this is the perfect smoothie for you. If you love blueberries and ice cream then we recently did The Perfect Blueberry Ice Cream Recipe (Homemade and…

Zucchini Appetizer

A bowl of Zucchini Appetizer
Want a quick bite, that’s tasty and doesn’t take long to prepare, then try this Zucchini Appetizer. It is delicious, healthy, and filling. For more appetizers try Mozzarella and Tomato Appetizer Tray.

Granola Muffin Frittatas

Granola Muffin Frittatas in a round plate
Now we present to you our Granola muffin Frittatas recipe, wouldn’t you love a bite of these? we think you should definitely try this recipe that allows you to make granola into something different, something so much more unique,. looking…

Easy Cranberry Granola

a clear bowl pouring easy cranberry granola on a green counter top
An easy Cranberry Granola recipe just for you to try, by now you have realized we absolutely adore granola and we are looking to provide you with tons of the absolute best recipes for granola so you have something different…

Vanilla Granola

vanilla granola with raisins
Have you heard of vanilla granola? well if you haven’t here’s something to try and if you have, then you have to try the best of the best of course. this beautiful vanilla-ry granola recipe is one of the tastiest…

Cinnamon Maple Granola

A chopping board with chopped pecan nuts adding to a bowl with cinnamon maple granola
Yummy cinnamony maple granola, the perfect treat to gift your taste buds! Granola is a perfect and yummy on-the-go snack, not to mention that it is perfect for kids lunches, mixed in with some Greek yogurt, or even just in…

Best Homemade Sweet and Salty Granola

A ceramic bowl with homemade sweet and salty granola.
A yummy salty yet sweet addition to our collection of granola recipes! We propose you definitely make and taste this delicious recipe right now, we could tell you everything you need to know about granola right now but we’d like…

Rosemary Focaccia Recipe

Rosemary Focaccia cut into squares on baking paper
Don’t go for that store-bought rosemary focaccia, rather make your own with this quick and easy to prepare and much nicer than the bought variety!