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Cashew Crusted Chicken

A yummy dinner recipe that incorporates finely Chopped cashew nuts with beautifully tender chicken pieces to create a classy dinner for a date or just a family meal. This easy chicken recipe doesn’t take a lot of time and is…

How To Make the Best Espresso Ever In 7 Steps

For a change, a decent mug of espresso would be considered, “okay-ish“. It requires some investment and some spirit to find an extraordinary cup of gourmet espresso nowadays. On the off chance that you do know about an ideal coffeehouse,…

Goji Berry Juice and why should you drink it now!

Goji berries are unknown to many but their health benefits are immense, and that’s what makes goji berry juice so amazing for not only the taste but the benefits. A brief history of goji berries So the story goes, back…

Lemon cupcakes

This lemon cupcake recipe is moist and sweet just like all cupcakes should be. The lemon icing gives it a zing to it but isn’t overwhelming.  

Sweet Thai Chili Sauce

If you make chips, have burgers, or need anything that requires sauce, then make this quick and easy sweet Thai chili sauce. it’s great-tasting and hot.

Great Chicken Stock

The premise of a decent soup is typically a decent stock. When you realize how to make a decent stock, you can utilize it for a practically interminable assortment of soups. This is a formula I use for chicken stock…
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